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Yolanda Willis




Birthdate: October 2, 1934
Age: 80 ½
Birthplace: Salonika, Greece
Religious Identity: Jewish


“I was one of the lucky ones. I was a hidden child, like the famous hidden child Anne Frank. I was not hidden in an attic or a bunker. I was hidden in plain sight passing as a Christian.”

Yolanda Avram Willis was a hidden child during the Holocaust posing as a Christian girl. She grew up in Larisa, Greece. In 1940, the war came to Greece and she was hidden on the Greek island of Crete and later in several places in Athens. She was given the name “Julia” while she was in hiding. She remained hidden for three and a half years until Athens was liberated by the American, British, and French forces. She recalls it as a “joyous event”. After the war she attended the American College in Athens, and then came to the United States to study. She earned a master’s degree in Chemistry and a Ph. D. in Sociology. Yolanda worked in industry as a manager, educator, and management consultant for 22 years. She has three children, and four granddaughters. She is now in the process of editing her book, A Hidden Child in Greece: Rescue Stories of the Holocaust (AuthorHouse Publishing Company). She enjoys doing this as a part of her day to day activities, and hopes to finish it soon.

“I arrived at the University of Wisconsin in Madison on an afternoon train and went to a clam bake by the lake. The university is built around two lakes, and I met my future husband there.”


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