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Solange Lebovitz




Age: 84
Birthdate: August 6, 1930
Birthplace: Paris, France
Religious Identity: Jewish


“The French man’s wife took me to Normandy to live with an older Catholic couple, Barbier was the name. They lived in a very nice house with a garden, sheep, and apples fields and they made their own cider.”

Solange Lebovitz was a hidden child in Paris and throughout different parts of France during World War II. Her family sensed the danger of the Nazis and decided it would be best to split up and go into hiding. Solange was sent to live with an older Catholic couple where she adopted the identity of a Catholic girl who attended church and school. She was hidden for two and a half years with different couples around France and was eventually liberated by the American forces. However, she remained with her Catholic guardians because she did not know of her family’s whereabouts. Her entire family survived and was eventually reunited after the war. Solange met her late husband, Larry, in 1952 in Paris. They made their way to the United States where they settled in Pittsburgh. They have two children, five granddaughters, and one great-granddaughter as well.

“When my daughter was in college, I decided I had to make up for the studies that I had missed, so I went to the University of Pittsburgh, and I was so dumb, I didn’t know what to start with. Finally, I graduated. It took me eight years. I graduated Cum Laude as an English and French literature major.”


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