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Manny Kolski




Age: 101
Birthdate: August 21, 1914
Birthplace: Lodz, Poland
Religious Identity: Jewish


“Can you imagine….I was 23 years old that’s all…The best years….I didn’t believe from one second to the next that I’d survive…It’s a miracle.”

Manny Kolski was in his twenties at the outbreak of World War II. He spent five years in a number of different ghettos and camps including the Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Hanover-Ahlem, Majdanek, and Gross-Rosen (sub-camp of Sachsenhausen.) Manny says he cannot even remember all the names. After several horrific years under Nazi imprisonment he was liberated from Bergen-Belsen by the British. Manny’s family included three sisters, and his parents…none of whom survived the Holocaust. Manny met his late wife, Elka, and they had their first daughter in Germany before coming to the United States together in 1949. They have two daughters and five grandsons. Manny worked in the United States for 30 years as a baker and retired at age 62 because he “didn’t want to wait until 65.” Manny loved running and was always “very physical, and ran often.” For health reasons he now tries to walk frequently instead. He enjoys reading, and watching television, and having lunch at the local Jewish Community Center. He also enjoys visiting with his daughter on the weekends.

“Hitler is dead, and I am alive.”


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