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Elizabeth Brown




Age: 96
Birthdate: December 13, 1918
Birthplace: Ostoroos, Hungary
Religious Identity: Jewish


“All the way with this experience, I had the courage, I had the feeling… I will survive.”


Elizabeth Brown was in her twenties when the Nazis came to power and her life was changed forever. She lived in Hungary before she was taken to Auschwitz with her family. Elizabeth would never see her mother, father, sister, or her sister’s child again, but she always held on to the hope that someone in her family would survive. Her hope was never realized. She is mentioned in the book Hitler’s Willing Executioners, in which author Daniel Goldhagen comments on her particular condition at liberation. Her physical state was so terrible that her liberators said she would not survive. Against all odds, she did. She and her late husband, Paul, have one son, three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She enjoys attending water aerobics three times a week and babysits her young great-grandson once a week. Although health reasons now prevent her from doing this, she especially loves gardening.


“I always used to walk past a crossing guard with a nice uniform and friendly face and, with the children, and I was so yearning to do that. So one day I got enough courage to stop and ask her how I could get this job, and she asked me if I was a Democrat, and I said,, Yes, I am Democrat!” She said, “That’s one good point for you” She gave me the address of a city office building and the name of an administrator and that’s how it began. A Jewish man looked at me and said, “You would look alright in the uniform.” He hired me and that was it. I worked as a crossing guard for 27 years, and I loved it.”


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