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Here are a few resources that might be helpful.

We will continue to update this resource list.  Please check back from time to time to check for more resources.  Other resources may be used, but please make sure that they are historically accurate.

Remember: Wikipedia is not a legitimate resource.

Spiritual Resistance Resources

Spiritual Resistance in the Ghettos

Spiritual Resistance During the Holocaust: Maintaining a “Normal” Way of Life in an Abnormal World

Emanuel Ringelblum

Writers and Poets in the Ghettos

Cultural and Spiritual Resistance – Excerpts of Voices from the Ghetto

Women of Ravensbrück – Spiritual Resistance

Oneg Shabbat Archives

iWitness – Spiritual Resistance (iWitness is FREE, but you must register to use the website).

‘Spiritual Bulwarks against Annihilation': Libraries in Ghettos and Concentration Camps

The Paper Brigade

Vilna During the Holocaust – Daily Life in the Ghetto – the Library

Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War

Rosenstraße Demonstration

The White Rose

Nicholas Winton

Le Chambon

Choosing to Rescue

The Rescuers

Aristides de Sousa Mendes

“Other forms of non-violent resistance included sheltering Jews (sometimes at risk of death), listening to forbidden Allied radio broadcasts, and producing clandestine anti-Nazi newspapers. In the face of Nazi repression and violence, acts of resistance at times significantly impeded German actions, saved lives, or simply boosted morale of the persecuted.” – United States Holocaust Memorial Museum